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6 Best Home Office Canon Printers in 2020

Whether it is your home or office, Canon printers are ideal for heavy-duty printing, scanning and copying cycles. However, due to the pandemic, millions of people are working from home. Then, what would be the best Canon printer for such a home-office environment?

You can always avail printer repair near me services if your existing Canon printer encounters any issue. However, if you want to buy a new one then choosing a printer is never easy. 

First of all, you have to sort out your priorities and then go through the specifications of the available printers in the market. Let us help you with the printer sorting techniques and help you with the details about the best Canon printers trending now.

How to Choose the Right Printer?

If you are thinking that only inkjet and laser printers are competing in the market then you are wrong. Most of the printers are categorized so but, still might have different specifications from each other. Get more prominent with the following requirements:

Multifunction? Or Single

All-in-one printers are a perfect combination of copying, printing, scanning, sending faxes along with Automatic Document Feeder capabilities. Single-function printers can only copy, print and scan. If you are choosing an office printer then do your research to know which suits you the best.

Colour? Or Monochrome

If you are considering a home printer then a colour printer is a must. But, this doesn’t apply to office printers. Office printers print and scan facts and figures. However, colour printers are essential for Powerpoint representation and all.


Every printer comes with USB connectivity for instant connection with laptops and computers. Besides this, people are preferring Wi-Fi enabled printers for manageable and convenient printing, scanning and sharing options. Avail printer repair near me if any connectivity issue appears.

Throughput and Printing Speed

While you are judging printers for your office space then these two factors are unskippable. Decide whether documents or photos are more important to you. Thus, it will help you in comparing different Canon printers and choosing the best one. Avail ‘printer repair near me’ for any kind of printing obstructions in your printer.

Moreover, printing speed plays a vital role in office printers. Whether you have to scan a large document or submit the daily report to your boss, you need a high-quality printer that doesn’t halt while processing your documents. 

Apart from this, check the maximum duty cycle and cost factors to get the suitable Canon printer at your office or currently home-office.

6 Canon Printers: Trending in 2020

Considering all the tips mentioned above, we have represented all the recommended Canon printers in 2020. Get the best deals on these printers while availing the best support. 

Meanwhile, you can fix your printer by searching for ‘printer repair near me’ any time.


  • Canon Pixma TR8550


This printer is built by keeping in mind the features required by business tycoons. Canon Pixma TR8550 has got the perfect style statement for your office with touchscreen and five-ink system. Whether it is a simple text or prominent, detailed pictures, this printer excels up its performance to every possible extent. There is nothing to complain about wireless connectivity. 

Moreover, you can avail an SD Card slot at the front of the printer. Pay attention that this model is also known as TR8560 within Asia-Pacific landscapes. However, the ink cartridges are quite costly to afford and there is no USB port at the front. The printer can hold 100 sheets of the A4 size and can print 15 pages in one minute.


  • Canon Color CLASS LBP622Cdw


If you are looking for a colour printer from the brand of Canon then this can serve you a professional deal. However, this printer doesn’t come with scanning or copying features but this is a perfect printer while counting on your colour preferences and low budget. 

Additionally, the printer provides cost-effective printing. You can purchase this printer instead of fixing the existing printer. The speed is not too blazing, but average. You can place 250 sheets in the paper tray. Whereas the main tray can hold 10 envelopes. This printer lacks a touchscreen and rather has got an LCD screen.


  • Canon Pixma G2012


When both quality and price are concerning, then this is your best bet. It can print monochrome outputs very fast but you will have to wait a bit if you need coloured print outs. You can also use this as a photo printer. 

This MFD printer has got visible ink tanks that are easy to refill. It is compatible with most of the operating systems available in the entire globe. Moreover, you can easily connect your device to this printer and initiate the printing process. This is a perfect desk-printer for your home office.


  • Canon Maxify MB5460


This is ideal for small businesses or offices though you can perform heavy-duty cycles with this printer from Canon. You will be amazed by its speed; 24 black pages and 15 colour pages every minute. 

Additionally, it is super cost-effective, as ink lasts for long. Printing, scanning or copying- nothing needs to wait while you are working with Canon Maxify MB5460. You have both wired and wireless facilities to connect to the printer. Furthermore, contact printer repair near me services for resolving printer issues.


  • Canon i-Sensys MF735Cx


Laser printing has got a new definition with this Canon production. This 4-in-1 colour printer allows you to avail 27 pages every minute. The printer is quite bulky weighing 26.5Kg. However, the printing speed is recommendable as you can see. 

If you have copying priorities then just go for this printer. Additionally, the toner is going to last for 5000 colour copies. If you can endure some noise and initial high-budget then this printer is pretty good for your office.


  • Canon Pixma G4510


It has got refillable tanks and it makes it a more affordable photo-printer. You can load up to 100 sheets of the size A3. However, you can’t experience duplex mode and USB port, at the front. The tank can last for 7000 colour and 6000 black pages. But, this printer prints quite slow.

That’s all about the top and trending Canon printers in 2020. Check out their specifications and get the suitable Canon printer for your office desk. Search for printer repair near me for fixing your office printer troubles.

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