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Effective Tips to Reduce the Printing Cost

No matter whether you are using letterheads, business cards or leaflets, still some business organizations believe that print media is the best marketing strategy. However, it’s also essential that along with the implementation of proper printer maintenance tips, you should reduce the printing costs, too.

Most business owners are struggling with the common question: how to reduce the printing cost and save money. Printing costs can sometimes turn into really expensive investments and the prime cause behind the decrease in profit. Especially if you need to print lots of pages per day.

Now, when it comes to lowering the printing cost, a planned approach can make a huge difference. Fortunately, here you get to know the pro-tips.

Reduce the Printing Cost with Ease

As mentioned earlier with proper printer maintenance and well-planned strategies, you can easily reduce the cost of printing. Now, based on our several years of research and customer feedback, here we have discussed the cost-reducing techniques in detail.

  • Print to PDF, not Paper

In case, you don’t need the printing in physical, make it virtual. So, when it comes to save as well as distribute the final document, you must choose the Print to PDF option. By doing so, you can save your paper cost, as well as can easily attach the document, in an email. 

Apart from saving, you can easily save the document to the cloud, such as Google Drive for sharing. So, without using ink, paper or toner, you can keep the document for your record and share it.

  • Refill the Ink Cartridges

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that instead of buying branded products, they can refill the used cartridges. For this purpose, we advise you to use Toner refilling.  Now, if you use Toner refilling, then it will refill the empty toner cartridges with new toner powder. Hence, you can use your old toner cartridges and save the cost of purchasing new cartridges.

  • Only Purchase High-Capacity Printer Cartridges

Hope you know, printer cartridges, as well as toners, come in multiple versions. So, for proper printer maintenance and to reduce the printing cost, we always suggest you buy a high-capacity printing option. 

Keep in mind, before considering high-capacity printer cartridges, you must ensure that the printer cartridge is compatible with your printer, and whether it’s beneficial for you or not.

Like, in case, you need to print a lot of pages on a regular basis, you should buy XL cartridges. On the other hand, if too much printing task is not for you, then buying XL cartridges won’t be ideal for you. 

  • Try to Print in Black & White Paper

This is another effective solution to reduce printing cost. As per experts, if you wish to print your document in colour, it will take almost 8X time and money as compared to black & white paper. Hence, unless it’s necessary, we suggest you print the document in black & white paper.

Apart from this, if you want to print documents for your internal use, then try to print two pages on one sheet. 

  • Reduce the Margins

In the Microsoft Word form, you must change the printing margin preference from the default 1.25 inches to 0.75 inches. According to the Penn State Green Density Council, if you reduce the margins to 0.75 per cent, this will reduce the paper usages up to 4.75 per cent. 

This survey also suggests the printer owners use the proper fonts- like, Times Roman, Gothic, Ecofont. These are the ideal fonts for printing and these fonts can save up to 31% of printing costs as compared to the Arial fonts.

  • Check before Printing

Before hitting the print button, it’s highly recommended that you must check the print preview and search for any typographical error and layout issues. So, take a couple of seconds and ensure that the document you see in the preview is what you wish to print. 

Besides, if you want to print an image and notice that the image is too big to print, you can easily reduce the image size to 80 % or 90%, as per your requirements. Moreover, downsize the imaging unit fits on the paper and this way you can reduce the printing cost.

  • Scan your Document

In case, you use a multi-function printing device, then instead of copying a document to send or share with someone, you should scan it. Not only this, you can save the toner or paper. Along with that, you can grant access to the document on-the-go.

Also, some users reported that they press the Print button but nothing happens. In this situation, before you press the Print button, it’s advised that you should check for printer notification on the LED display. However, if you don’t see any notification message, again press the Print button. Still, nothing happens? Contact a professional printer maintenance team. 

  • Minimize Personal Printers

In your office space, try to eliminate the smaller and individual printers and always opt for multifunctional printers. These multifunctional printers are more productive than smaller printers. Apart from this, you can easily maintain them, as well as quickly customize the printer settings.


We believe you find these strategies helpful and by using these tactics you can easily save a lot of money. Now, in case, if you want to know more about how to decrease the printing cost, or wish to buy a Toner refilling, then seek help from Printer Repair Near Me and avail the service at a very low cost.

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