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Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error: Why Does it Occur?

HP Printer Supply Memory Error

If you come across an HP printer supply memory error, you might get a little confused. The memory error is usually reflected on the LCD panel of the printer, and you need to find immediate solutions. When this error occurs, you can’t print anything using your HP printer.

There might be more than one reason that can lead to the HP printer supply memory error, according to the Hp printer repair Dubai  specialists. They have mentioned several reasons that might prohibit your flawless printing experience. Further, they have also shared how you can tackle the issue and print without any hassle anymore. Let’s get started.

Reasons behind the HP Printer Supply Memory Error

Basically, the HP memory error appears on your printer display when the device fails to detect the toner cartridge. If you have recently replaced the toner cartridge in your HP printer, you have to make sure that you have placed it correctly. 

The printer might not detect the presence of the toner cartridge due to broken or damaged metal connections. In addition to this, an incompatible toner cartridge for your HP printer can offer you the same result.

Therefore, always prefer genuine and compatible toner cartridges, irrespective of the printer brand you possess. On the other hand, users have reported that pieces of plastic in the toner can give you the same trouble. 

printer repair near me experts have also found that outdated printer drivers can be responsible for the HP printer supply memory error.

Additionally, you should remove protective strips from the toner cartridge or any other part that you’re inserting into the printer. If anything gets stuck in the printer (including jammed paper), then you might face this error. Whatever the reason is, we have some useful solutions to eliminate the HP printer supply memory error.


How to Fix the HP Printer Supply Memory Error?

You are already aware of the causes that can generate the memory error warning on your HP printer problems. Let’s find out how you can eliminate the chances of getting the HP printer supply memory error:

Conduct a Successful Unpacking of Printer

A small piece of plastic left behind can trigger such a situation. Make sure that you open up the cartridge door and lift up the packing material. But, don’t remove it completely and bring out the packing material of the cartridge. 

Take out the cartridge carefully from the printer, and then remove the packing material of the device. Locate the orange clip and keep pulling it out until it gets separated from the cartridge.

Gently move the toner back and forth to distribute the toner evenly. Break the associated tab by bending it. Additionally, pull up the sealing tape after removing the tab and insert the cartridge carefully into your HP printer. 

Be cautious while inserting the cartridge, or else spilt ink might ruin your outfit. Now, you can close the cartridge access door of your printer. And, observe if the control panel shows any memory error.

Connect the Metal Contacts Appropriately

Two metal contacts should touch the toner cartridge for the proper functioning of the printer. If any one of them fails to touch the toner, the circuit remains incomplete. 

Here are the steps that you can perform to bring everything back to normal function:


  1. Power off your HP printer and remove the power cable from the electrical outlet.
  2. Take the toner cartridge out of your HP printer. 
  3. Keep looking for the metal connections resembling metal squares or microchips.
  4. Once you find them, place the toner cartridge while connecting the toner cartridge to the metal contacts.

You can slightly pull those contacts forward when they are still in contact with the toner cartridge. If your printer senses that the toner cartridge is connected to it, it will readily accept the toner. Consequently, you might not experience the HP printer supply memory error anymore.

Update your HP Printer’s Firmware

Apart from the software update, your HP printer should get a firmware update from time to time. If your printer is running with outdated firmware, you might expect a lot of incompatibility issues. 

Check if any latest firmware update is available for your printer from the official site of HP. If you find one, install it for your printer and observe if it solves your printing issues.

Renew the Printer’s Toner Cartridge

If the toner cartridge has received damage from the sides, then there’s no use connecting those metal contacts of the printer. They will get disconnected from the toner cartridge in a while, and you will again face the HP printer supply memory error. 

Printer repair experts from Printer repair near me suggested replacing the toner cartridge with a branded one. Here are the step by step instructions:


  1. Open the access door of the printer cartridge. Additionally, lift the scanner unit.
  2. Take out the old toner cartridge of the printer.
  3. Unpack the new cartridge and remove all the packing materials.
  4. Detach the orange clip from the cartridge. Remove the sealing tape entirely.
  5. Now, take the toner cartridge in your hand and gently distribute the toner evenly all over the cartridge.
  6. Place the cartridge in its original position of the printer and shut down the cartridge access door. Don’t forget to shut the scanner assembly beforehand.

Wrapping Up

After all, HP printer supply memory error can also be triggered by jammed papers. Therefore, the printer repair near me reminds you to check if any pieces of jammed papers remain inside the printer. They have been fixing random and critical glitches for years and at a standard price.

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