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How Long Does a Printer or Copier usually Last?

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According to the manufacturer, and depending on the model, a printer or copier generally lasts for 7 to 10 years. However, this answer can be a little bit confusing. Because a printer or copier lifecycle totally depends on how you take care of the gadget. Apart from this, you must select the printer or laser that can fulfil your all business needs.

Generally, after a certain time, most of the users search for ‘Is it the time to buy a copier or printer for my business’ on the internet. However, before buying a new printer or copier, you should have a clear idea about how long your device will last. 

Here, professionals associated with printer repair Dubai, have explained the basic idea that will surely make the task easy for you.

What Makes a Copier or Printer Grow Old?

As we have earlier mentioned, all devices come with an expected life cycle. And, when it comes to printers or copiers, manufacturers assure you that you can use your printer or copier for at least 7 years without any issue. 

However, this suggestion is not applicable all the time. Here, printer repair Dubai professionals have explained some useful tactics which will assist you to determine when is the perfect time to purchase a new printer or copier.

  • Printer Usage

Most of the printers are designed with a printing capability of 1,000 copies per month. And, can maximum print 50,000 copies per month. However, if you always run your printer to the maximum capacity, surely it will get damaged faster enough.

Also, if you print 50,000 pages per month from a low capacity printer, surely your printer will not last as per your expectations. It’s very much similar to the washing machine that you use 10 times a day and expect your washing machine to run for a long time. 

Hence, to well-maintain your machine, it’s crucial to consider how many pages you want to print per month.

  • MFP Maintenance

Printers or copiers are machines, made from materials that are sensitive to dust, heat and humidity. Now, if you haven’t regularly cleaned your machine, then your printer will be affected severely. As a result, your machine can get damaged and seems useless for you.

  • Printing Demands Changes with time

When a business starts growing, printing demands will change with it. Hence, if you buy a mid-range copier, then it will not be an ideal choice. As your printer is unable to print the volume that you need. Moreover, if you buy a printer with limited print quantities, then there’s a high possibility that your device will be damaged soon.

Hence, we advise you to first, calculate the quantity that you have to print per month. Keep an eye on how much monthly print your company requires. For that, you can use any data-collecting software. 

Unfortunately, in case, you don’t know how to use a data collecting software or don’t have it, then see how many papers you need to insert within the printer per month and determine the number. Your accounting team can easily accomplish the procedure. After getting an idea, purchase a printer.

How can you use the Printer or Copier for a long time?

With high volume, good printing quality, copy machines are considered as the workhorses of the office. As mentioned above, the lifecycle of the printer or copier depends on several factors. When you purchase a printer, surely you wish to use it for a long time. 

With some basic safety measures, you can add years to the lifespan of your printer and copier.

  • Place the Printer on a Secure Place

This is the primary tactic that you can apply to use the printer for a long time. Always keep away your machine from the sunlight. Don’t place the machine near any door or window. Apart from this, try to keep the machine away from the high traffic areas of the office.

  • Immediately Replace the ink & Toner Cartridges

Though your printer is running well, still we advise you to frequently change the ink and toner cartridges. However, if you don’t replace the ink and toner, and still start printing, this can destroy the drum. 

  • Immediately Fix the Paper jams Issue

Paper jam is a quite common problem. If you leave your machine for a couple of days, then dust and moisture will surely gather on the machine. When the paper jam issue appears, you should instantly fix it, otherwise, the printer quality will degenerate. Now, to fix it, take out the paper from the printer. Then, clean it and remove all the debris and, again insert the papers in the machine.

How Professionals can help you?

In case, you hire a professional expert like us, then the experts can cover all the on-site servicing, repair and maintenance. If you are suffering from several printing issues, professionals can help you out. 

Try to understand, repairing a printer can be difficult for you. Besides, if you don’t have the necessary tool, things can become worse. On the other hand, if you call out a professional service provider, you can be assured that they can perform the job to the highest standard at a minimum cost.

What’s Next…

By now, you understand that there is no particular reason for the query ‘how long should the printer last?’. It totally depends on multiple factors that we have already discussed. Over time, you must check and repair your machine. Hence, search for Printer Repair Near Me and book impeccable service.

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