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How to Refill a Laser Printer with Toner Refilling?

Often, your printer manufacturer doesn’t provide you with the proper guide or encourage you to refill the toner cartridges. According to them, they hope that when the cartridges become empty, you will simply purchase a new toner cartridge. 

However, if you go through toner refilling, then you don’t have to buy a new cartridge. The process can help you to simply refill the empty toner cartridge with the new toner powders. Moreover, this makes the cartridges reusable and you don’t have to throw out the old cartridges.

However, the refilling process needs to follow a proper strategy. And fortunately, here we have discussed the strategy in detail.

Easy Hacks to Refill the Laser Printer

Suppose you are using a Laser printer and suddenly you realize that it’s the time to replace the toner cartridge. Are you worried after listing the price of a new toner cartridge? Fortunately, there is an inexpensive and easy way through which you can refill the cartridges is toner refilling.

Remember that, you can refill the cartridges twice and after that, you need to buy a new one. Hope, you understand, how much you can save your money if you refill the cartridge. Let’s get to know the ways through which you can refill the toner cartridge.

  • Buy the Proper Toner Power

At first, you have to buy the toner powder that is compatible with the cartridge and printer. Lots of toners are available in the market. Every toner has its unique features. So, it’s necessary that before you start to refill, you must buy the best-suited one. Improper toner powder can even damage the cartridges. And, in this condition, you have to purchase original cartridges from the manufacturer.

  • Prepare your Printer

Now, you should prepare your printer and workspace for toner refilling. Hence, we suggest you place some newspaper or paper towels on a flat surface in order to protect the workspace. Also, if you don’t wish to get the powders on your hand, we advise you to wear rubber gloves.

If you have to melt the holes in plastic, you might need a burn tool. Besides that, when working with the toner powder or working on other things, make sure that you wash your hands properly.  A dirty hand might contain loose particles and dust.

  • Locate the Holding Tank

Within the holding tank, you have to fill in the toner powder. Also, inspect if the holding tank has an existing fill hole or not. As for some cartridges, you can see a fill hole with a plastic plug, however, you can easily remove them.

If you purchase a burn tool, then toner refill kits will come handy. After refilling the toner cartridges, you need to refill the kit in order to close the hole. Here, we have explained some additional tips that you can follow:

  • You can use an electric soldering iron as a burn tool. But, the refilling task can be complicated as you have to melt, as well as, burn all the unwanted plastic. Therefore, we always advise you to purchase a burn tool.
  • In case, the burn tool has a screwed tip, then before you heat the burn tool, you need to ensure that the screw is tight enough for sufficient heating. 
  • Apart from this, in case, you put a blended plastic around the hole, we suggest you crop or merge it in order to make sure that the tape will fit well. It’s essential for the cartridges that are meant for cheap colour laser printers.
  • Screw the Funnel Cap

Once you are done with the above three steps, then we advise you to point the funnel cap end to the refill hole. After that, we suggest you lightly tap the side of the bottle to distribute the powder within the holding tank. Until the bottle is empty, keep tapping the side.

  • Seal the Fill Hole

In case, the cartridges have a pre-made hole, then we recommend you to reinstall the plastic plug within the hole. On the other hand, if you need to burn up a hole, then follow the instructions of the refill kit that comes with the burn tool and reseal the hole with the given aluminium tape.

  • Slightly Move the Toner Cartridges 

After resealing, you should gently shake the cartridges from side to side in order to distribute the toner powder. After that, you must reinstall the ink cartridges within the printer.

  • Replace the Smart Chip

It’s often noticed that after refilling the toner powder, some printers stop working. In this situation, we advise you to replace the smart chip with a new one. Most of the toner refill kits come with a smart chip, hence if your printer stops working, we suggest you use this method.


However, sometimes toner refilling doesn’t work and you have to buy a new cartridge. In this circumstance, we suggest you contact Printer Repair Near Me and purchase new cartridges or replace, repair the existing printer at a minimal service charge.

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