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Business Hours

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: Closed.

Price: Starts from 149 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Parts: Usually from manufacturers or else local.
Warranty: 6 Months

Cartridge Not Working With Printer

Lexmark printers are popular for workspaces such as offices, small companies, or corporate companies. They are mainly used for a large number of printing requirements in diverse formats. And, if such office printers start malfunctioning when you need them the most, in crucial times, then it imposes a threat to your work. 

Offline printers, slow printing, paper jams, damaged printheads are some common printer issues, and they are present in Lexmark printers, too. Whether your Lexmark printers are within or off the warranty period, avail the best Lexmark printer repair Dubai services from us. Printer Repair Near Me introduces you to an extensive range of Lexmark printer repair near me services at a wallet-friendly price.

Additionally, overcome unexpected printer failures with our dedicated Lexmark printer experts. Along with our instant turn-around time, efficient and guaranteed services, you can experience professional Lexmark printer repair services from us. Find reliable Lexmark printer repair and maintenance services from Printer Repair Near Me.

Lexmark Printer Repair Issues addressed by Printer Repair Near Me Professionals

The printer is basically a critical combination of minute hardware and software components. Lexmark printers have to undergo a ton of printing pressures in the workspace. It is of no surprise if the printer fails unexpectedly. Whether the printer is delivering low-quality prints or going through frequent paper jams, then there’s something wrong with the printer that you shouldn’t ignore.

We, at Printer Repair Near Me, are specific about diagnosis and repair service. Our Lexmark printer repair experts would eliminate the flaws with your Lexmark office printers. And, we would reach you whether you have hired our technicians at home or office. Don’t let your printing experience be hampered, and switch to our smart Lexmark Printer Repair Near Me services, today. Here are a few Lexmark printer repair services available at our clean lab.

Too Slow Lexmark Printer Repair

When your Lexmark printer is taking more time than required in order to print ordinary documents, then it might need expert intervention. However, depending on the high-resolution pictures or documents, the printer can take more time sometimes. But, it should not happen with regular printing jobs. The configuration of advanced printing can lead the situation to slow printing speed. 

To make sure that everything is working perfectly with your Lexmark printer, avail Lexmark printer repair services from us. Our veteran technicians would look into the matter and diagnose the error behind the glitch. Additionally, they would fix the issue with required tools, machinery and advanced methods.

Low-Quality Print-Outs

In case, your Lexmark printer is running out of sufficient ink, or the ink gets jammed in the nozzle, then the print-out can turn out to be not up to the mark. Apart from ink issues, any printer hardware issues or settings malfunction can degrade the print quality, too. If you have used all possible troubleshooting ideas and still haven’t found the solution, then call in our specialised Lexmark printer technicians. And, your Lexmark printer would be as good as a brand new one.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are quite a common issue in almost every brand of printer. However, paper jam can be caused by several reasons, such as:

  • Users insert more papers than the specified capacity
  • The papers are torn, dirty, or folded
  • Printer rollers are faulty
  • The cartridges are of low-quality
  • Papers are not compatible with the printer specifications

Well, whatever the reasons are, paper jams are needed to be cured as early as possible. Or else, it can damage other counterparts of the Lexmark printer, too. Render our Lexmark printer repair services for getting rid of printing dilemmas easily.

Scanner not Working

When you are talking about Lexmark Multifunction printers, then you can’t deny the scanning efficiency of the printer series. However, scanning might not work under acute conditions. You can try updating the printer driver and check if it makes any difference. 

Or else, reach Lexmark Printer Repair Near Me services from us. Our technicians would inspect the device and find out the culprit behind the error. Mostly, it’s the scanner software that has gone corrupted due to inefficient installation. Recover from scanning tantrums with our privileged printer repair services.

Wireless Connection Issue

Going wireless is the new trend. And, Lexmark printers are great as wireless printers. In case you’re trying to print from your mobile devices using the Wi-Fi connection with your Lexmark printer, and it’s not working, then there’s a technical glitch. Make sure that your printer has compatible software for enabling wireless printing technology.

On the other hand, avail the wireless setup of printers at your office and home with Printer Repair Near Me. Our technicians would repair the bugs associated with your printer’s wireless connectivity, as well. So, grab personalised printer repair solutions from our experts today.

Print Spooler Malfunction

Print spooler is basically the arrangement of saving printing jobs in the hard drive of a computer until the printing tasks are done. Any trouble regarding the print spooler can make you waiting for an indefinite period of time. And, your office work gets disrupted, undoubtedly. 

Handle your printer issues effectively with our certified expertise in Lexmark printer repair near me services. Get in touch with our vetted and skilful technicians and avoid unnecessary printer maintenance issues every now and then.

Why do you need Lexmark Printer Repair Services from us?

Printer issues are literally endless. All you need to do is to be ready to face printer trouble and avail the right repair service for its longevity. A printer can last easily for five to eight years. So, before you discard your expensive office Lexmark printers, give them a second chance with our dedicated Lexmark printer repair services. 

Here’s why you should connect to us for hassle-free Lexmark printer repair near me services.

  • Our technicians are trained, well-mannered, and certified. You can experience only excellence during the repair and replacement service period. They are equipped with all essential tools for on-site fixing.
  • If the printer issues are beyond the scope of an on-site repair, then our technicians would facilitate a pick-up and delivery option for you. Additionally, they would deliver you the repaired printer with super-fast service.
  • Moreover, we use only genuine counterparts for repairing and replacing the spare parts inside the printer. We take care of the optimum functionality of the Lexmark printers. Lastly, you won’t observe any hidden charge in our service pricing details.
  • Our technicians are familiar with every Lexmark printer model available in the UAE. Whether it’s inkjet, laserjet, multifunction, Dot-Matrix, or any specifications, just grab our Lexmark printer repair assistance.

Get Rid of Printing Tantrums with Lexmark Printer Repair Dubai Service

We are committed to bringing you the best printer repair services, especially when it’s part of your office essentials. That’s why we have designed our Lexmark printer repair services for domestic and commercial premises. Now, you can avail of Lexmark printer maintenance and repair support instantly with us.

To facilitate the service, call us at
. You can simply drop an email at our official email address if you have any queries about our services. Thus, grab impeccable Lexmark printer repair services at the comfort of your home or office from us.

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