2 Methods to Remove HP Printer Driver Malware from Mac Device


hp printerAll the HP printers are compatible with Windows, as well as Macintosh computers. With innovative features and good printing outputs, most of the HP printers have gained much popularity amongst all the people. But, there are always threats looming around in the cyber world. 

The printer drivers in Mac devices can get affected by various types of malware. If this happens, then you don’t have to take the printer for immediate repair. The issue can be resolved with the help of basic tactics. Extract the malware from the driver and retain the working condition. 

What really happened?

A few months earlier, people who worked with Macintosh and HP printers reported an issue. While the printing process is on, or while starting the process, a pop-up notification will display on the screen. That means that the printer drivers are affected by some kind of malware. There is also an option to send a detailed report to Apple directly. 

Are there chances of fixing the issue?

Yes, you can fix the problem on your own, as the methods are not very difficult to perform. Moreover, you also don’t have to take any kind of aid from the printer experts. The methods are: 

  • Eliminate all the Printer Drivers

Take the help of the System Preferences and gain access to the Printers and Scanners section. On opening the HP printer’s web page, just check the validity of the root certificate. Now, return to the previous one and reset the printing system. Wait for a few seconds, and then unplug all the connections to the printer. Re-plug-in all the connections again, and then add the printer to the system. Now, get the drivers installed on your computer. Hopefully, the new drivers are free from any type of malware and no notification message will be shown by the system. 

  • Reset the Printer 

Resetting the printer while it is connected to the Macintosh system also has the maximum chance to resolve the issue. With the help of HP printer Control Panel, find out the Reset option and execute it. Make sure that the printer is wired or wirelessly connected to the system. After that, set up the printer according to your need. If necessary, install any applications from HP official website. 

What about scanning the entire system?

Yes, a fantastic idea indeed. With the help of a security application, you can scan the entire computer and eliminate the malware. The scanning process will extract the infections out of the printer drivers and those drivers are present on the system. On the other hand, if the security applications ask you to repair the infected files, then do it instantly. If it sends them to quarantine, then make changes in the Action settings. 

Other problems regarding scanning 

There is another major problem that you can face regarding the scanning of your system. If the security application is outdated or doesn’t have the latest virus definitions, then it will not be able to detect the latest malware. In that case, you have to update all the definitions at the earliest to get rid of the most latest and dangerous malware. 

What you should do? 

Macintosh is one of the most interactive and sophisticated OS, it needs good maintenance to remain in perfect condition. Whenever there are updates available for the OS, check all the details and get the latest updates. There is one interesting aspect of the system update, it will be fruitful when you update the system while the HP printer is connected to it. In doing so, the HP printers will get its latest drivers automatically. 

Fix other issues 

There might be some other possibilities of facing printer driver glitches. Not only do they get affected by malware, but they can also get corrupted. The reason for corruption is multiple, it might happen that you have downloaded the drivers from an unsecured website. To avoid this kind of complication, you need to use the main website of HP. There you will get all the desired items, as well as information. 

On the other hand, if you receive a driver disc with the HP printer, then your task will get easier. However, in case of critical problems within the device, always opt for printer repair experts. Never try to fix any type of issues, if you are not accustomed to the field. 

Final Verdict 

Along with the HP printer drivers, the other applications of your Mac computer can also get affected. Here, you cannot blame Apple for this. Or, you cannot blame yourself too, as to accomplish your work, you need to access various websites. That is why you have to observe the address bar and make sure that the website is safe and will be denoted by HTTP (S). Alternatively, look for Printer Repair near me and gain immediate assistance.

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