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Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
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Price: Starts from 49 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Parts: Usually from manufacturers or else local.
Warranty: 6 Months


The plotter is a printer liked device that is used for printing vector graphics. This equipment is mainly used for business purposes. And, the plotters with flat stacking trays can be effective and useful for an individual. Additionally, the new models have top-stacking units attached to it. 

But, sometimes, you can get issues while using it for a long period of time. Whether you are getting jam and starting sinuses or having electricity issues, we can help you with printer repairing in Dubai, to overcome the issues. And, if you are encountering any other issues in the long run, then we can be your safe bet.

Our professional team is available round the clock to repair the printer plotter with efficiency. Get an effective result in repairing the plotter by just connecting with us. Additionally, we will repair and replace the damaged parts with a new one, if required.

All the technicians are professional and have extensive knowledge in fixing the broken parts of plotter printers. Every plotter related problem gets our prior attention, irrespective of the model of printer. Starting from repairing the print heads to tray, our professionals can handle every part of it. Get in touch with us and get remarkable plotter repairing in Dubai. 

Our professional printer repair technicians have expertise in every model of printer repair Dubai. They have got adequate knowledge about installing any component and fixing any mechanical or electrical part of your printer. 

There’s no need to try any DIY on your printer when you can call in a professional service provider at your place. Our technicians are proficient in handling any residential, commercial, or industrial printers. Consider our top-rated printer repair Dubai services to eliminate every technical hassle.

Notable Plotter Repair Services We Offer

Are you getting software issues in the plotter? Facing paper jam issues frequently? Encountering dead printhead issues? This indicates that your plotter requires immediate repair and maintenance. We are a proficient team of professionals who offer incomparable services for plotter repairing in Dubai. 

Get a high-quality repair service by just joining hands with us. Increase the longevity of the plotter with our supreme plotter repair agencies in Dubai. Irrespective of the model and brand of the plotter, we assure that the plotter is free from any faults.

Why does Plotter need to be Repaired?

Plotter printers play a major role in fulfilling several business purposes. Whether you are from the architectural field or engaged with interior design, you will need the help of a plotter. So, make sure the plotter printer is running efficiently. And, if you get any unwanted breakdowns or errors, it needs to be repaired. Bring back the functionality of the plotter printer by availing plotter repairing in Dubai and replacing its parts. 

Drum Plotter Repair

A drum plotter helps to draw on a paper that will be wrapped under a drum. And, the drum and the pen, change its direction to draw in the paper. And, at times, the drum will stop responding, and this is where we are your best bet. Our professionals can repair every drum plotter related problems with ease. 

Flatbed Plotters Repair

In this type of plotter, you can draw the graphics on the paper placing it on the flat surface. And, if you are unable to draw using flatbed plotters, get in touch with our technicians who can assist you with the best plotter repairing in Dubai. They will efficiently repair the plotter printer and bring its efficiency back. Additionally, if required they will replace the faulty parts. 

Electrostatic Plotter Repair

An electrostatic plotter draws on the paper using a toner that produces a positive charge. And, at times you can get issues while drawing because of the faulty toner. Sometimes, you might get electric issues. Avoid these issues with our assistance on plotter repairing in Dubai. Additionally, our technicians go through inspection before repairing the plotters. 

Roller Plotter

This kind of plotter prints the page with the required drawing by connecting with a movable payer. And, if this payer stops moving, you won’t be able to print. So, make sure the printer is functioning. And, for any faults in the roller potters, you can get persistence repair service from a leading professional. 

About Us

We are one of the dedicated and leading plotter repair service providers in Dubai. Our professionals have undergone several training sessions to repair several problems with the plotter. They can repair every component of the plotter. Serving our customers with prompt service in Dubai is our prime goal. Our experts strive to serve in the commercial sectors with their effective service. 

Moreover, repairing is the prime factor to enhance the durability of any kind of plotter. We understand the necessity of a plotter for your respective purposes. So, our professionals offer on-time and efficient assistance regarding plotter repairing in Dubai. 

Whether, you need service in the sign shops, garment shops, commercial and industrial places, or in any organization, we claim to be the best plotter repair service provider in Dubai. 

Why Should One Opt for Our Plotter Repair Service in Dubai?

Plotters are important for any kind of technical drawings and CAD application. And, maintaining such equipment is necessary because you can use a large size paper while maintaining high resolution. And, you can even use a pen or cutter with the plotter while drawing. 

But, if it is not maintained and repaired properly with professional assistance several issues can get triggered further. And, if you are looking for a reliable plotter repairing in Dubai, we can be your ultimate companion. Get a plethora of benefits with Plotter Repair service package.

  • Getting professional help for repairing the printer can reduce your stress level. When you are connecting with us, you can keep aside all your plotter problems because we help to safeguard the equipment from getting affected by any kind of problem. 
  • Once you repair the plotter, you can save all the replacement costs. And, our service includes repair of the Potterhead, tray, payer, and other essential parts. Moreover, we replace the broken parts with authentic parts of the plotter. 
    • All the registered professionals have immense knowledge in repairing the different models and branded plotters. And, the plotters without any maintenance or repair are prone to breakdowns. Thus, rely on our experienced and reliable professionals. 

    • Repairing the problems of the plotter requires proper diagnosis. All our mechanics inspect the issues proving prior attention to it. And, they help to prevent the plotter from getting affected by any kind of problem that can occur in the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A plotter is mainly a computer hardware device that is used to draw technical drawings. And, instead of using toner plotters use pen, pencil, marker, and other drawing equipment. As this tool starts to move, you will notice lines in the large-sized papers that you have to put in the tray like printers. 

It depends on the frequency of using the device. Additionally, if you don’t opt for maintaining service, the plotter might stop functioning. So, it is necessary to avail maintenance and repair service to enhance the durability of the system. Hire our professional and keep aside all the unwanted plotter faults 

The answer to this question is “Yes”. And, being on the leading plotter repair service providers, we assure all our customers with guaranteed and satisfied service. We always look forward to fixing all the problems that are restricting you to use the plotter. Moreover, our professionals have immense knowledge of plotter repairing in Dubai. 

Plotters sometimes face mechanical failures and it needs to be repaired. When you notice any weird sound or other issues, it requires immediate intervention of the professional experts. Book an appointment with us and get an immediate and worthy repair from our devoted experts. Whether you own an old or new model of a plotter, get in touch with us to solve the problems. 

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