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Price: Starts from 49 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Parts: Usually from manufacturers or else local.
Warranty: 6 Months


Printers play an important role in every small-large scale organisation. With these devices, the users can print hundreds of papers in a minute. But sometimes, it might create issues while performing the printing jobs. In such circumstances, you might think of replacing the existing printer with a new one. You should never do that in the first place. Because most of the printer errors can be resolved with an expert’s intervention. 

Has the all-in-one printer stopped working? Connect with Printer Repair Near Me for the ultimate solution. We are a leading printer repair Abu Dhabi company. Our professionals can solve every printing glitch within a quick turnaround time. 

Moreover, we have teamed up with printer repairs experts who are certified. Starting from inkjet to laser, we fix everything in our service center. Schedule an appointment with us and fix the faulty printer immediately.

Printer Repair Services, We Provide

Do you need to replace the incompatible printer cartridges? Or, need to repair the broken paper tray? Don’t fret when we are here to assist. Being an eminent HP-brother-kodak-epson-samsung service center Abu Dhabi, we offer a one-stop solution. Moreover, our printer repairing experts strive for excellence. More than 120+ customers rely on us to repair their broken printers. We have gained their trust by providing on-time and quality assistance. 

At our Printer Repair services, we offer a wide range of services to Abu Dhabi residents. Whether you need to replace the drum or feeder, our experts can handle everything. Visit our website, mention the printing problem that you are facing. Make sure to mention the brand and the model number of the printing machine. Based on that, we will connect you with the experts who are best suited for the job. Don’t wait, and hire our experts and make the device print-ready in minutes. We provide repairs to almost all types of printers:

1) Plotter Repair services
2) Inkjet printer repair
3) Photocopier repair
4) 3D printer repair
5) Laser printer repair

Our printer repair Abu Dhabi services are available for the following critical issues:

Unresponsive Printer

Imagine a situation where the printer stops responding in the middle of the work. Now, that can bring a lot of inconveniences, especially when you don’t know how to fix it. Our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts are there to help you in such a situation. Don’t let this sort of printing issue hinder office productivity. Join hands with our printer repairs experts and solve this problem instantly. 

Outdated or incompatible drivers can make the printer unresponsive. Thus, our prime responsibility is to check the printer drivers in the first place. Our HP service center Abu Dhabi experts will reinstall printer drivers if required. Additionally, this printing error can occur due to software or hardware failure. It could even be because of overusing the multifunction printers. 

Whatever the reason is, we can identify that with our years of experience. After that, our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts will replace the problematic parts. Our printing service Abu Dhabi professionals will check the wires and cables. If we find any wear and tear in these power units, we will replace them immediately. Moreover, we will inspect the printer ink or toner cartridges as well.

Slow Printing

Is the printer taking an ample amount of time to print the page? It requires the immediate involvement of our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts. Moreover, we have improved the printing speed of 30+ printers. You can rely on us anytime to eliminate this issue from the device. Usually, an empty or broken paper tray can delay the printing process. Our printer repairs expert will replace the faulty printer tray. 

Due to insufficient ink level, this printing issue can occur. Thus, we will even check the ink level of the cartridge or toner. Our HP service center Abu Dhabi experts might refill the cartridges/toners if required. Moreover, a slow internet connection can often lead to this error. If this is the case, we will reset both the printer and modem. So, search “printer repair near me”, visit our website and get effective solutions.

Toner Issues

Laser printers use toner instead of ink cartridges. It allows the printer to print thousands of pages without worrying about replacement. But, this printer unit might degrade in its performance over time. As a result, you won’t print the necessary documents on time. If you cannot use the toner, replace it with our assistance. Moreover, we have the calibre to repair different types of toner cartridges. So, reach out to us and overcome the toner issues without hassle.

Scanning Difficulties

Unable to scan from the MFP printer? Try to restart the device to fix this complicated error. But, if that doesn’t work, hire our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts. We have immense expertise in resolving this printing glitch. Usually, a corrupted or outdated scanner software can prevent the device from scanning. 

Don’t try to install this software by following online video tutorials. Instead, hire our printing service Abu Dhabi experts and leave the installation job. Mention the printer model while booking our impeccable printer repair services. We will install the latest version of scanner software compatible with the printer.

Paper Jam Issues

Resolving Paper jamming issues might be nerve-wracking. Moreover, you might end up damaging the device while removing the jammed paper. This is the primary reason why you should hire our skilled technicians. We have extensive knowledge in resolving paper jam issues from different printer brands. Furthermore, this printing issue can take place due to several reasons. 

It could be because of an overfilled or misaligned printer paper tray. Even excessive dust buildup inside the device can cause paper jam issues. Incorrect paper type or size can be an underlying reason for this printer error. So, our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts diagnose the device thoroughly. After that, we will set the paper tray and remove the dust from the device. Our printer repairs experts will let you know about the right paper size/type.

Faded Print Quality

Don’t struggle with low-quality prints. Book an appointment with us and enhance the print quality. Usually, the print quality degrades for using low-quality ink cartridges. Even the type of paper that you are using can affect the quality of the print. Malfunctioned toner can be a potential reason behind this issue. So, identifying the actual reason behind this issue can be difficult. 

Our printing service Abu Dhabi expert will opt for a preliminary analysis. After knowing the root source of the problem, we proceed to the replacement part. We will install new cartridges or toners to solve this printing error. Our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts will also check the device settings. We will clean the clogged printheads if requested. Get desirable printing results by connecting with our competent experts.

Black Lines on the Page

Well, it might be cumbersome to remove black lines from printed documents. Fix this issue by contacting our vetted printer repair Abu Dhabi technicians. Usually, black lines appear on the page for contaminated roller or transfer belts. By cleaning this printer user, you can overcome this printing problem. And, we have the necessary tools that are required to clean the printer roller or belts. So, become a part of our service network and get hassle-free printing.

Blank Paper Sheet

If a blank paper is coming out of the tray, let us know. Our professional printer repair Abu Dhabi experts will help you fix that. Due to misconfiguration, this printing issue often takes place. Moreover, if you have cancelled the ongoing printing job, the printer will print blank pages. Even clogged print nozzles could result in blank printing pages. So, our printer repairs experts inspect these printer units properly. If we find any issues with the settings or printheads, we will solve that immediately.

Connectivity Issues

Unable to connect the printer with the computer or Wi-Fi? Don’t worry! Our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts got you covered. If you are using a faulty USB cable, then connectivity issues can occur. Out-of-date printer drivers might prevent the printer from connecting with the PC. Additionally, you can experience this issue for defective printer ports. 

Our HP service center Abu Dhabi experts first check the power connections. If we notice the USB cable has become damaged, we will replace them. After that, we will check the drivers and update them if necessary. Our printing service Abu Dhabi professionals will also repair the damaged printer port.

Printer is Printing Only Half Page

Faulty ink cartridges can make the device print only half of the page. You might be running out of ink; that can be another reason behind this issue. Need to refill the cartridges of the inkjet printer? Search “printer repair near me” and book our exclusive services. Our HP service center Abu Dhabi is available round the clock to fix printer problems. 

Moreover, corrupted Windows updates can conflict with the printer jobs. Our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts uninstall the recent system update in such a case. After that, we will install the current version of the operating system. Our technicians will turn on the device and print a page to ensure the issue is solved.

Additional Printing Issue, We Resolve

At Printer Repair Near Me, we deal with a few more printing issues. If you notice white spots on the page, call us. We will arrive at your home or office address to fix this printing issue. 

Moreover, sometimes, the printer might refuse to print coloured images. In most instances, it happens due to incorrect inkjet or laser printer settings. Change the printer settings with our printer repair Abu Dhabi experts. 

At times, the printer can cut off the side of the text or image. This occurs when an incorrect font or image size is selected in the printer. Hire our printing service Abu Dhabi experts to eliminate this intricate issue. 

Our HP service center Abu Dhabi professionals can fix wrinkled pages. Call our customer helpline number whenever you see an error message on the device. We will be there to serve you top-notch services at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Us?

Printer Repair Near Me is an eminent service platform in Abu Dhabi. We are committed to offering the best printer repair services to our clients. 

  • Our professionals have achieved success by repairing every printer brand. 
  • We provide utmost importance to our customer’s printer repair-related requirements.
  • Share what you need and repair the printer with top-rated technicians. 
  • By maintaining the service standard, we have gained an immense reputation. 
  • We use advanced repair methods to fix the malfunctioned printers. 
  • Avail OEM parts of the high-end printers from our trained experts. 
  • All the repair or replacement works are performed undertaking lab facilities. 
  • We have also kept the booking process easy to understand and simple for our customers.
  • We have also kept a reasonable price maintaining market standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Printer Repairs Near Me, the experts charge AED 130 to AED 150 for repairing a faulty printer. But, this price might vary based on the extent of the damage.

Printer Repairs Near Me can solve the duplex printing issue with multifunction printers. Our professionals have set a benchmark by fixing this issue from 50+ printers daily. We check the paper type and settings to solve the duplex printing problem.

At Printer Repair Near Me, we cover every printer brand available in the market. Whether you own a Brother or Epson printer, fix that with our prompt on-site assistance.

We take a minimal charge for refilling the printer’s ink cartridges. Visit our website, select the right ink colour, and pay only AED 70 for this service.

We provide 30-60 days of warranty on the repaired printer parts. If the device stops working within this period, our experts will fix it without charging any fee. But, based on the terms and conditions.

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